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WPhost backs up your site each and every night. To restore a website backup or to request an additional manual backup be created, simply open a support ticket. 

WPhost can pack up your backup files, including all uploaded files (/wp-content/uploads) and the site’s database, and send them your way at anytime - simply open a support ticket.

How often are files backed up and how long are they stored?
We back up files nightly. Backups are stored for 30 days (or the 30 most recent backups if any manual backups are created), after which time they are deleted permanently.

What data is backed up?
We back up everything in your WordPress folder, including all uploaded files (/wp-content/uploads). We also back up the site’s database.

Where do you store backups?
Backups are stored offsite on a completely different set of servers than your live site.

What about email backups?
If we host your email, your mail is backed up daily to servers located in the same data centre and in the unlikely event of server failure, backups are used to restore email service.

Although we may perform regular backups of your site and content, we do not guarantee there will be no loss or corruption of data. Corrupt or invalid backup points may be caused by, among other things, content that is corrupted prior to being backed up or that changes during the time a backup is performed. We will provide support to you and attempt to troubleshoot any known or discovered issues that may affect your backups, but you acknowledge that we have no liability related to the integrity of your backups or the failure to successfully restore your content to a usable state. You should always maintain a complete and accurate copy of your content in an independent location.

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