Service Auto-Renewal Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the Terms of Service and providing your credit card billing information, you agree that your service subscription and/or domain name will automatically renew for successive renewal terms, and you expressly authorise and permit Cheeky Monkey Hosting (trading as "Cheeky Monkey Hosting" and "WPhost") to bill each service/domain name renewal fee to the credit card you have provided, until you cancel the automatic renewal of your services. and or domain name(s).

  1. Cheeky Monkey Hosting will send at least one email notice of upcoming auto-renewal prior to auto-renewing your service and/or domain name. This notice will be sent to the Billing Contact for your account and you agree it is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are valid at all times.
  2. You may cancel your auto-renewal at any time unless there is an auto-renewal currently in progress. If you discontinue or do not select automatic renewal and billing of your subscription and/or domain name, you must manually renew your subscription/domain name to prevent interruption of service.
  3. Automatic renewal transactions will usually be processed on the day before your existing service and/or domain name expires, so if you want to cancel your automatic renewal, you should do so at least 48 hours prior to your service expiry date to ensure that the cancellation is possible. You will not be able to cancel an auto-renewal on the day it is due to be processed.
  4. Cheeky Monkey Hosting cannot be held responsible for loss of a domain name or other service if the auto-renewal is cancelled or your credit card details are not up to date, preventing the auto-renewal from taking place.
  5. Cheeky Monkey Hosting will notify you of any failure to process an auto-renewal and you can then arrange for alternative payment.
  6. You agree that you are responsible for payment of all fees related to any service that you have set to auto-renew. Once the service renewal has been processed it cannot be reversed nor any fees refunded.


This agreement was last updated 25 May 2018.

Last Update: 27/05/2018 - 10:09am