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Webmail allows you to access your email from anywhere in the world using our Webmail applications - RoundCube and EnsigniaMail (NutsMail).

To access Webmail for your mail accounts enter (where "" is the domain name associated with your email service).

Before your domain has propagated or if you are experiencing DNS issues with your domain, you can use: 

You'll be presented with a selection of webmail applications to use. Log in using your username (your full email address) together with your password for that email account. Any mail that has not been downloaded by your computer will be available in Webmail. Here, you can read, reply, and delete messages using your selected webmail application.

Other useful links that you can use to quickly view or manage your email (where "" is the domain name associated with your email service):

  • RoundCube:
  • EnsigniaMail (NutsMail):

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