How do I white/black list an email address? Print

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This will allow you to block an email address (blacklist) or allow an email address (whitelist), making it exempt from any kind of filtering.

First, login to your Mail Control Panel.

Next, click on White/Black Lists.

Click on Add Item.

  • Whitelisting: This option should only be used if you identify an issue where the email is sent to the correct address but is not received. Whitelists should not be set pre-emptively otherwise you may block legitimate emails. Adding an address to your white list will ensure that we are not blocking the listed address, so any further emails should come through. If they do not, the sender may need to check their email system.
  • Blacklisting: We don't recommend the use of blacklisting to try and stop spam, as spam usually comes from forged email addresses and as such is not affected by blacklisting individual addresses or domains.

Add the list address to your selected list type and click Add Address.

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