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We offer a complimentary URL redirection service and no parking fees. URL redirection allows you to redirect your domain name to any web-space that you may already have.

Redirection methods available

  1. 301 (Permanently Redirect): This is the best option as it is the method most favoured by search engines. The address in a visitors address bar will display the address of the site or page you are redirecting to. Search engines prefer this partly because they see that you are not “hiding” the fact you are redirecting the domain name. The term Permanent does not mean that the redirection cannot be changed. It just means that for the foreseeable future you intend to keep the redirection in place. This is another reason why search engines prefer the 301 redirect method. A 301 redirect will also carry across any previous search engine ranking values for the domain to the new page.
  2. 302 (Temporarily Redirect): This is similar to the 301 redirect but should only be used as a short term redirect option. It does not carry across any previous search engine ranking values for the domain to the new page.
  3. Cloak (Browser address stays as your domain name): This method means that the address you are redirecting to is hidden. The address bar of the visitor’s browser will display your domain name. This is an older method and is not recommended if you are concerned about being ranked in search engines as it is not search engine friendly. Note: Some modern hosting services such as Google Sites and Facebook will not display if you redirect a domain to their services using this method.

If you opt for cloaking, the following options can also be configured:

  • Page Title
  • Fav Icon Location
  • META Keywords
  • META Description
  • No Frames Message

If you would like to setup URL redirection for your domain name please Open a Support Ticket to submit your request.

In your ticket, please include the URL you wish to redirect your domain to and the redirection method you wish us to configure. If you're opting for cloaking, please include any SEO metatags you would like us to configure.

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