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We may. Whether you get an unexpected influx in traffic or you need more storage as you’re adding more content, we want to support the growth of your site.

At WPhost, each plan comes with an allotment of visits available during a month and a limit on the amount of storage (files and databases) you're using. We do not turn off sites or customer plans due to spikes in traffic, or any event that may cause you to receive more visits than your plan allows for. We do not set hard limits on storage and your sites will not go down if you exceed your limit.

So instead of throttling or shutting off sites, we charge simple overages based on the traffic you received and the storage you’re using.

If the number of visits exceeds your Platinum plan or Agency plan limit, we charge a small overage fee for each 1,000 visitors over 50,000. The overage cost is US$1.50 + GST per 1,000 additional monthly visitors. 

If your storage exceeds the Platinum plan or Agency plan limit, we charge an additional US$1.00 + GST for every GB you are over your Platinum plan or Agency plan limit.

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