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Often slow performance and errors on WooCommerce sites are caused by a high number of AJAX requests, as these requests are uncached. If you are running a WooCommerce site on WPhost and notice a high number of AJAX requests, disabling Cart Fragments AJAX may help improve your site’s stability.

About WooCommerce Cart Fragments

WooCommerce “Cart Fragments” is a script using admin ajax to update the cart without refreshing the page. This functionality will slow down the speed of your site or break caching on pages that don’t actually require cart information.

For example, Cart Fragments on static posts, pages, custom post types and feed pages that contain no eCommerce functionality will decrease cacheability and ultimately degrade server performance.

You can identify the Cart Fragments using a web page speed test, or on your site’s Access Log with the following query argument added to your domain:


Disable Cart Fragments

To disable cart fragments add a plugin with a cart fragmentation disabling feature, such as Disable Cart Fragments to your site.

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