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We backup your site each and every night. Remember, to restore a backup or to request an additional manual backup be created, simply open a support ticket.

WPhost can pack up your backup files, including all uploaded files (/wp-content/uploads) and the site’s database, and send them your way at anytime - simply open a support ticket.

We discourage the use of backup plugins, but if an extra backup is what you need, check out the plugins below. We like these because they offload the backups to cloud storage, which means they won’t clutter the server:

Note: Backup plugins are incredibly resource-hungry. When running, they can take a big bite out of the resources you need to deliver content to your visitors and really slow your site down at inopportune times. For larger sites, some of the MySQL queries can even take your site offline. These plugins also often store large backup files on your server, which can unnecessarily fill up your disk space.

Alternatively, you can manually run and download a WordPress backup yourself using the free BackWPup plugin:

Install and activate the free BackWPup plugin

First, navigate to the Plugins page of your WordPress admin area and install BackWPup. Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and install it manually.

Create and configure a new backup job

Next, navigate to the BackWPup menu on the sidebar and select Add new job.

Enter a name for your backup job. Make sure the Database backup and File backup boxes are checked. Select Tar GZip for the Archive Format.

Make sure Backup to Folder is checked.

Click Save changes.

Navigate to the BackWPup menu on the sidebar and select Jobs.

Hover over the job you created and choose Run Now.

Depending on the size of your site, your backup may take a few minutes to complete.

Download the backup

Navigate to the BackWPup menu on the sidebar and select Backups.

Hover over the backup you created and select Download.

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