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Your email service can be managed using your web browser. To manage your email service, login to your Mail Control Panel.

Once logged in to your Mail Control Panel you will be presented with the main menu.

From here you can manage your email accounts as well as email aliases. The main menu options are:

Manage Accounts

From this menu you can add and delete accounts (or mailboxes as they are sometimes known). This is a physical account on the server able to receive email.

Manage Aliases

From this menu you can manage aliases. These are pointers to an account (or another alias). You can have multiple aliases all pointing to a single account.

Manage Groups

From this menu you can manage groups. Groups are like an alias that forward mail to multiple accounts.

White/Black Lists

This will allow you to block an email address (blacklist) or allow an email address (whitelist), making it exempt from any kind of filtering.

Manage DKIM Key

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an advanced method for signing emails.

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